The 7 Best ChatGPT Extensions for VS Code

People’s lives have become so easy because of ChatGTP. A powerful source code editor like Visual Studio Code (VS Code) made programming life more manageable. ChatGTP supports some excellent extensions for better coding. ChatGPT extensions for VS Code leverage the power of creative programmers. You can solve many of your problems with its web chat interface.

Best ChatGPT Extensions for VS Code

The developers can easily conceptualize any integrated development environment (IDE). So, all the options for chatbot extensions vs. code will help the coder design their desired program. Here are the best 7 available chat GPT extensions for Visual Studio code.

Extension Name Description Key Features Price User Rating
Code GPT Enhances code completion and generation using GPT models Advanced autocompletion and code generation Free ★★★★☆
Genie AI Offers intelligent suggestions and code analysis Context-aware coding assistance and code improvement recommendations Freemium (Paid plans available) ★★★☆☆
EasyCode Simplifies coding tasks and offers code snippets Extensive snippet library, customizable snippets Free ★★★★☆
Codeium Provides code optimization and debugging assistance Code analysis and debugging support Free ★★★☆☆
Rubberduck Assists in code refactoring and error detection Refactoring tools, error detection and fixing Free ★★★☆☆
OpenAI Integrates OpenAI’s GPT models for code assistance Natural language understanding, code completion Free ★★★★★
VSCode Plugin Basic extension for VS Code integration with ChatGPT Simple integration and basic functionality Free ★★★☆☆

1. Code GPT: All-in-One Solution

Easy Code is a GTP-4-powered artificial intelligence system. It allows us to understand the context of the developer. The coders will get immediate assistance for any specific codebase. Over 900000 developers are using the extension to enhance their proficiency 10x faster.

Easy Code is a GTP-4-powered artificial intelligence system.

ChatGPT extension by Code GPT supports different language models. Both ChatGTP-3.5 and ChatGTP-4 are functional with this powerful extension. Its premium feature provides API keys for extended use.

Code GPT allows you to generate code snippets effortlessly. It supports C, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Java. Moreover, it has refactoring capabilities that increase the productivity of the coders. Finally, it assists in debugging and troubleshooting code.

2. Genie AI

Genie AI is another excellent ChatGPT extension for VS Code. The user-friendly interface of this VS Code online helps the coders code smoothly. It supports GPT3, GPT3.5, GPT-4, and Codex models. VSCode has many features, like code generation, explanation, and refactoring. Moreover, it also supports testing, debugging, and more.

Genie AI is another excellent ChatGPT extension for VS Code.

The Genie AI is a visual studio code online that can incorporate chatGTP and make your vscode pair programming more eventful. This AI extension boosts productivity through the code-writing process. It improves the quality of code writing and helps to maintain projects. The developers can use the tool to enhance their skills. Moreover, it saves valuable time and effort.

Genie AI is mighty for newbies. This visual code download is elementary. On their official website, you will find a lot of free templates to use. It supports multiple programming languages. It identifies the bug and helps troubleshoot it. Genie AI reduces the pain of repetitive tasks. However, it is tricky to use.

3. EasyCode

You must use EasyCode Visual Studio code for Android and Windows to increase your coding speed. It is known for its 10x speed. If you want any ChatGPT extensions for VS Code without the OpenAI API, we recommend the EasyCode ChatGTP extension. It has rich features for code generation. So it can do rapid prototyping.

If you want any ChatGPT extensions for VS Code without the OpenAI API, we recommend the EasyCode ChatGTP extension.

EasyCode is very relevant for the coders. ChatGTP 3 and ChatGTP 4 users can use the Visual Studio code platform. It is highly secure because EasyCode does not store your code. It ensures a swift and easy coding experience. The code debugging process is simplified in such a way that it can identify potential errors.

EasyCode is very user-friendly. It saves time by automating repetitive tasks. The versatile tool improves code quality and increases experimentation. However, it can generate incorrect code occasionally. Moreover, it has limited functionality.

4. Codeium vs code

Another excellent example of AI-enabled visual studio code pair programming is Codeium. This design toolkit is specially designed for developers. Its initial aim was to reduce the pain of coders by saving time and effort. It succeeded in developing this AI-powered toolkit for generating quality code for free. Moreover, the developers can code faster using this vscode for Mac, Windows, and Android.

Another excellent example of AI-enabled visual studio code pair programming is Codeium.

Codeium is a self-hosted deployment of Visual Studio code. It is safe because it prevents code or data from leaving the user’s on-premises servers or virtual private cloud. It has an extensive library and resources. Many developers consider it a disadvantage of this code-visual studio.

You will find automatic code suggestions when you use the Codeium visual code tool. Moreover, it recommends functions of coding that increase your efficiency. This ChatGPT Extension for VS Code is the best tool for learning programming languages. It is not just a plugin for coding; it can create the whole code. So, it is also helpful for professionals.

5. Rubberduck: ChatGPT for Visual Studio Code

Now, you will know about another beautiful visual code studio to download. It is excellent for generating, editing, and explaining code. Moreover, it can find bugs and errors and generate tests. In addition, it allows you to add your conversation template. Finally, it has a real-time conversation facility to help you progress with your code.

Rubberduck uses AI-powered code edits, code generation, error diagnosis, explanations, and chat in Visual Studio Code.

Rubberduck can personalize conversation templates. This pair programming vscode collaborates with OpenAI. Moreover, it can merge with local models like CodeLlama.cup.

Rubberduck uses AI-powered code edits, code generation, error diagnosis, explanations, and chat in Visual Studio Code. It is an open-source VS Code platform. The chat interface of this ChatGPT Extension for VS Code is trendy and easy to use. Moreover, it can generate personalized code for you.

6. OpenAI

The most popular and best ChatGPT extension for VS Code out of the seven is OpenAI. I can share my personal experience. It is awesome. You can create any code with a simple prompt. Moreover, it can find your code bug.

OpenAI is a US-based application.

OpenAI is free to use. It is a nonprofit organization. You need an OpenAI account to use it. Then, you will get a free trial. To make a call, you have to purchase credits. If you need Visual Studio Python, use this chatGTP VS code extension.

OpenAI is a US-based application. You can use the software on iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Installing it on a mobile device is very easy. You will get the app on the Play Store. However, millions worldwide use OpenAI as the best chatGPT extension for VS Code.

7. ChatGPT VSCode Plugin

ChatGPT VSCode Plugin is another extension that can ask the ChatGTP API anything. Jay Barnes developed this plugin. It operates on a unique level. It is a cost-effective platform. Additionally, the extension has the flexibility to introduce its own custom prompt.

ChatGPT VSCode Plugin is another extension that can ask the ChatGTP API anything.

The ChatGPT VSCode Plugin provides a different window for coding. The extensions offer seamless integration for professional coders. The built-in prompt requires less effort. As a result, productivity becomes many times higher.

The developers think that the ChatGPT VSCode Plugin extension is precious. It allows the use of chatGTP directly in the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) editor. Moreover, it helps to gain snippets, conversations, and future references.

Visual studio code download

Visual Studio code is accessible to download. It is available on your favorite Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows platforms. Windows 10 and 11 users can use User Installer, System Installer, zip, and CLI. Debian and Ubuntu users have a lot of options. Moreover, Mac users will also get zip and CLI options to download Visual Studio code.

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Yes, you can use VS Code for Golang. Visual Studio Code is one of the best code editors with the Go extension. Microsoft will provide the best experience using this extension. You will get a lot of features like testing, debugging, symbol search, IntelliSense, code navigation, and many more. Moreover, the Golang Visual Studio code editor is free to use.

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Final Thought

Visual Studio code is used for coding, testing, and debugging. This article taught us the best 7 ChatGPT extensions for VS Code. You will get your favorite one out of these suggestions. Someone may recommend Microsoft Visual Code or Visual Studio Code javascript. However, you may comment on your favorite one.

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