The 15 Hidden Cybersecurity Risks of Generative AI and chatGTP

Generative AI has plenty of impacts. This article will explain the 15 hidden cybersecurity risks of generative AI and chatGTP.

Generative AI is a part of artificial intelligence that can automatically generate well-researched content, such as text, images, audio, and video. Within a few seconds, it can produce a lot of content, but there is a lot of threat. Generative AI has plenty of impacts in various fields. This article will explain the 15 hidden … Read more

AI as a service (AIaaS): Best 10 AI Services

AI as a service (AIaaS) Best Aarificial intelligence Services

AIaaS is now the number one choice for all kinds of businesses. Artificial Intelligence is a service and a product depending on your use. There is so much buzz going on about AI as a Service. It uses complex algorithms to define rules for machines. Machines then become smarter to give quick solutions. Let us … Read more

AI Movie: Top 30 Artificial Intelligence Film of All Time

AI Movie: Top 30 Artificial Intelligence film of all time

There is nothing better than watching movies in your free time. We love films with memorable stories, good actors, and memorable musical scores. In the modern world of technology, film-watchers are also looking for futuristic themes. So, we are here to recommend top 30 AI Movie with detailed information. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence … Read more

Best 10 AI Product Recommendation Systems of eCommerce

The product recommendation software finds the best suitable products. Find the best 10 eCommerce product recommendation systems in detail.

In the post-pandemic world, the choice of individuals has become more personalized than earlier. Almost 83% of customers are happy to share their information to achieve a better-personalized shopping experience. Moreover, personalization in digital shopping has become a new anthem in marketing. In another analysis, the research found that 35% of amazon’s revenue and 75% … Read more

What is AIML? Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

What is AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. It is an extensible markup language dialect for creating natural language software agents. The programming tool is also known as XML dialect. The software engineers use this programming language to develop artificial intelligence applications. The main feature of this language is creating a human interface that is easy … Read more

AI in eCommerce: The Best 20 Applications of AI in Business

AI in eCommerce The Best 20 Applications of AI in Business

Artificial intelligence is the meaning of the human brain. It already targets all the sectors in our day-to-day life. Similarly, eCommerce has become popular in the recent past. Chatbot, recommendation engine, virtual assistant, and natural language processing of the application of AI in e-commerce. Email filtering and detection take the business to a new dimension. … Read more

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (Narrow AI): Definition of NAI

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (Narrow AI) Definition of NAI

Narrow artificial intelligence is a type of AI to performs a single task. It is a learning algorithm to solve a specific problem. Moreover, it mimics the human brain for repetitive jobs. The other name for Narrow AI is weak AI. We can use it for dedicated purposes, but it is capable of facing any … Read more

The Best 20 Examples of Narrow AI With Project Reference

Examples of Narrow AI With Project Reference

Narrow artificial intelligence or narrow AI is a learning algorithm designed to perform a single particular task. When the learning algorithm learns a special task, it automatically solves a similar problem. It is not like general artificial intelligence. But it also mimics the complex thought of humans. In our today’s lesson, we will learn the … Read more