About Us

Founded in 2022, AIMLGEN.COM is the trending and review blog on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and data science. We are a team of over four users from different reputed universities. Our goal is to make your lesson easy and meaningful. So we are focusing on the application of various topics.

Our mission is very simple. We have tried to make each topic as detailed as possible. Before making any content, we take a lot of time to think. So that students of different institutions need less time to learn. We have more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector.

Moreover, we consult hundreds of websites, YouTube, and online courses to make the content more visualized. So that any reader will get all the answers that may arise in their mind, however, each article will be reorganized based on readers’ comments.

We focused mainly on university students as our main readers. So that the readability score may suit above school students, however, any person interested in AI and ML can follow the blog. Advertisers are encouraged to support by advertisement regarding different hardware, software, and courses.

Our blog has been designed to be easy to navigate and read on any screen. The blog is mobile responsive and very fast. We have tried to keep the post as light as possible to save your mobile data. You can browse it from any platform. Every week we will update you with new information. So, please follow us and share the blog with your friends.

Who Are We?

Nasir H: 

Nasir H is the lead author of AIMLGEN.COM. He has completed his bachelor’s and master’s major in Management Information Systems (MIS) from a reputed university with distinctive marks. After ten years of teaching, he started his doctoral research on Artificial Intelligence. When he finds something new and exciting, he loves to teach it to his students. To share his profound knowledge, he writes on AIMLGEN.

Maichel Gedu:

Maichel Gedu is a computer science graduate. Maichel has a vast knowledge of AI, ML, NLP, DL, and BI. He always guides his students to explore new things. Learning new things is his hobby. Maichel is mainly the advisor of AIMLGEN. He designs the content and moderates it when necessary.

Fardeen Abdullah:

Fardeen is a dedicated writer of AIMLGEN. He is a university student with a passion for writing. He loves to write about different technological articles and gaming. He writes AI software, hardware, and product review articles for this blog. He is a social worker and a keen reader of technology journals.

Fakhrun Naher:

Fakhrun Naher is a business graduate. She applies several AI tools to her eCommerce platform. She loves to share her experience and knowledge through writing. The author loves to write regarding the application of AI and ML in business.