AI as a service (AIaaS): Best 10 AI Services

AIaaS is now the number one choice for all kinds of businesses. Artificial Intelligence is a service and a product depending on your use. There is so much buzz going on about AI as a Service. It uses complex algorithms to define rules for machines. Machines then become smarter to give quick solutions. Let us find out the best 10 AI services that are helping humankind.   

What is AIaaS?

Artificial Intelligence as a Service or AIaaS is AI outsourcing offered by a third party. Artificial Intelligence services help people and companies experiment with various AI technologies. The aim is to start a project without initial investment and with fewer risks. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)There are many ways AI can help with the growth of a business. AI customer services, AI consulting companies, and AI chat boxes are popular now. Many tedious tasks are now becoming easier and faster to do. Some well-known services include chatbots, Digital assistants, E-payments, etc. 

AI development services lead to the advancement of various businesses. Different types of AI are applicable in certain areas. Below are the three main types of AI:

  • Artificial general intelligence (AGI): Demonstrates the same-level skills as humans.
  • Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI): Show a narrow range of abilities.
  • Artificial superintelligence (ASI): Has more capabilities than an ordinary human.


Best Ten Artificial Intelligence Services in 2022

Let us now learn about the ten best AI services and platforms that offer these services. The list includes top-tier companies with top-notch performances. 

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a platform that provides various cloud services. The platform is secure and comes at a low cost. AI ML AWS is one of their specialties. AWS augmented AI is helping millions of businesses to flourish. It uses ML to build smoother workflows for reviews. Amazon Web Services (AWS) AIaaS

AWS AI ML services are one of the best ones out there. They not only help clients build projects but also train developers. AWS SageMaker Clarify provides ML developers with top-notch facilities. They can build better models with better data collection to make better predictions. 

AWS is offering 200+ services around the world. The most popular Amazon’s AI is called Amazon Alexa. Such AWS AI services are helping customers, companies, and disabled people. They are making breakthroughs now and then with their Amazon Machine Learning platform.  

2. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (MS Azure ML)

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is another top-tier cloud organization. They manage MLOps and ML training. Clients all over the world love using their Azure AI services. The Azure AI platform is ideal for ML professionals, data scientists, and engineers. They offer all the necessary tools and training to help experts in their workflows. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (MS Azure ML)

Microsoft Azure AI is at the top because of its innovative solutions. One such solution is the Azure NLP. It is a cloud-based service that helps in understanding and analyzing texts. NLP helps build intelligent apps to provide more efficiency and convenience to users. Microsoft always thinks out of the box to bring the best to its customers.

Azure also provides support for Python and R languages. They include customized code packages and built-in libraries for building better projects. Services like Azure Cognitive and conversational AI are also superb in performance.    

3. Google AI

Google Cloud AI is one of the leading tech platforms in the market. Everybody is familiar with the revolutionary changes the Google cloud AI platform makes. It is emerging as the market leader for a wide range of AI solutions. Businesses of all sizes use Google AI services to become more competent. Google Cloud AI is one of the leading tech platforms in the market.

Google Cloud Machine Learning is one such service that is popular amongst developers. The Tensor Processing Unit is a product of Google Cloud ML. It helps speed up AI model training. Google Cloud Vertex AI is another invention data scientists need to complete all ML work. It provides all the facilities for experiments and managing models.

Google includes many self-programming AI tools to make the development process faster. Lending DocAI is another such creation of Google. It automates the processing of mortgage documents. Other automation services include Google Cloud Vision, Google Translate AI, and many more. 

4. Oracle AI

Oracle AI is an AIaaS that focuses on Artificial Intelligence and ML solutions. They are always trying to improve the collaboration between humans and machines. There are instant solutions for a vast number of real-life problems. Oracle delivers what most businesses need. Users also have the convenience to personalize these solutions for the best fit. Oracle AI is an AIaaS that focuses on Artificial Intelligence and ML solutions.

Oracle is in demand due to its machine learning development services. Power Bi machine learning is a service that helps analyze data for predictions. It provides a space for developers to collaborate with like-minded people. There are ready-made models by Oracle for developers to research. 

Oracle helps in managing data, AI development, and business analytics. Oracle is a good choice if you want to be accurate in your predictions. They also have expertise in Digital Assistance, Speech, Vision, and Language. 

5. SAS

Statistical Analysis System or SAS is an AI-driven analytics platform. It uses Artificial Intelligence solutions to handle big data. SAS offers a software package that manages and retrieves data from various sources.  Statistical Analysis System or SAS is an AI-driven analytics platform.

The SAS organization is 40+ years old and is reigning in the analytics industry. You should choose SAS to bring more creativity to your projects. It offers first-class AI Cloud services to help boost your productivity. They try to provide intelligent automated solutions for their users. 

There is no surprise that SAS is one of the top AI service companies in the world. They excel in NLP, visual data mining, etc. The best part is that it provides an easy GUI through the SAS language. Features like these make it easier for non-tech individuals to use the platform.  

6. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is an incredible provider of AI support. The cloud-based company is on a mission to improve technical management. Thousands of companies depend on it to manage their technical department. ServiceNow can combine tools to provide top-notch service. It also has an app store with tools by third parties. ServiceNow is an incredible provider of AI support.

AIOps ServiceNow is one of the most talked about services of ServiceNow. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations or AIOps is a fantastic tech app. It is making so many IT Ops tasks easy to do. Analyzing complex IT data is now a piece of cake. Businesses grow faster when they use such intelligent solutions.

ServiceNow offers high-tech digital security to clients. Their solid focus on AI Customer Care and Contact Center AI help build stronger bonds with users. ServiceNow is an excellent platform to use if you are working in a big IT team. 


Anolytics is an AIaaS platform for data annotation. It offers outsourcing services for ML and AI models. You will find their Artificial Intelligence Customer Services at affordable prices. The company cares about its customers and provides solutions at flexible prices. It is not surprising to see it becoming one of the best data annotation companies. Anolytics is an AIaaS platform for data annotation.

The renowned AI consultancy ensures that annotation is precise and affordable. You will find annotated data in texts, videos, and images. Different annotation techniques bring the best accuracy in results. It also offers Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services in fields like Sports, E-commerce, etc. 

8. Gartner

Gartner is our second best AIaaS company to work in business analytics. Expect all kinds of business-related help from this AI Consulting Service firm. They perform thorough research and analysis for the best solutions. You will then understand your priorities that will help you progress. Gartner is our second best AIaaS company to work in business analytics.

Gartner’s use of artificial intelligence in financial services is impeccable. Professionals are also loving the Gartner Conversational AI. Their excellent skills in communication and marketing are earning them rave reviews. The platform is also available for sections such as HR, legal, and sales. 

9. LivePerson

LivePerson is one of the top Conversational AI companies in the industry. They work on improving the relationship between brands and customers. Brands use their Conversational AI solutions to make their customer connections more personalized. It is an AI as a Service company available to people anytime and anywhere. LivePerson is one of the top Conversational AI companies in the industry.

LivePerson is a SaaS company that uses LivePerson Conversational Cloud. It is a way to unite customer experience platforms across voice, email, and messaging. The aim is to allow brands to understand what customers want through intent discovery. LivePerson provides conversational AI examples in real-time to help brands make better decisions.

10. SAP AI Business

SAP AI Business is our list’s last (AIaaS) AI services company. It gives strategic ML solutions to automate and speed up business processes. While doing so, they are also enriching customer experiences. AI-driven analytics help make fast decisions. The platform is an ideal one for those wanting to optimize corporate processes. SAP AI Business is our list's last (AIaaS) AI services company.

We waste a lot of our valuable time doing tedious short-term tasks. SAP has ready-made Artificial Intelligence services to reduce time wastage. Relevant tools exist for every business-related task. Solutions such as Document Information Extraction are one of their top services. 

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of our article. So, how did you like my top 10 AIaaS list? My top three choices would be AWS, Google AI, and LivePerson. Each of these has its unique solutions to offer. Visit their official websites to learn more about what they have to offer. Let us know in the comments about your pick and the reason behind your choice. Finally, do not forget to help others by sharing my article. See you next time! 

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